Courthouse Photo: Then and Now


Former State Attorney Robert Eagan holds a 1985 photo of employees who were hired under his administration. To mark the 31 years since the photo was taken, some of those employees – who still work for the office – posed in the courthouse complex for a new photo. They include, front row: Teri Mills Uvalle, Former SA Eagan, State Attorney Jeffrey L. Ashton and Phyllis Scott. Middle row: Lisa Wright, Annette Sequeda, Mike Offutt, Executive Director/Chief Assistant State Attorney Richard Wallsh, Veronica Tyson, Dania Lopez and Erin Watkins. Back row: Donna Harrelson, Karen Abell, Bob Welch and Abbe Radke. Mr. Eagan served as SA from 1969 through 1989 and hired current SA Jeff Ashton in 1981.

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