About Us

The State of Florida is represented in the 20 judicial circuits of Florida by the 20 elected State Attorneys. The Ninth Circuit State Attorney offices serve Orange and Osceola Counties. In some states the same position is called the District Attorney. The role of the State Attorney is to represent the State of Florida in the court system. The State Attorney reviews criminal investigations conducted by law enforcement, decides if criminal charges are necessary and then presents the cases in criminal court.  The Ninth Circuit State Attorney offices are broken into four different divisions: Criminal Intake, Misdemeanor/Traffic, Juvenile and Felony. Our team is made up of more than 140 prosecutors who work with our support staff and investigators to serve the more than 1.38 million citizens living in Orange and Osceola counties.

In addition to being the third largest circuit in the state, the Ninth Circuit State Attorney also protects many of the 50 million tourists that visit Central Florida each year. On average we receive about 100,000 cases a year from law enforcement and we are committed to returning each phone call, email and letter when possible.

A successful prosecution is made up of many factors but a very important one is the cooperation of victims and witnesses. The State Attorney has several resources available to help victims and witnesses navigate the criminal court system. Quite often victims and witnesses have questions about how the system works and what to expect. Our victim advocates and witness coordinators are some of the several resources that can provide you with information, support and direction throughout the judicial process.


Our Mission

We will seek justice for all citizens in Orange and Osceola Counties.

Seeking justice means aggressively charging and trying not only the easy or sure winners, but also those tough cases that we have a good faith belief that the evidence establishes the guilt of the accused by legal and ethical standards.

Seeking justice means giving victims of crime an opportunity to be heard.

Seeking justice means fairly and equally applying the law to all citizens.

Seeking justice means always standing up for what is RIGHT, no matter now unpopular that may be.

In cases where prison sentences are justified, we will seek them with courage and aggressiveness, never accepting lesser sanctions in order to raise so called “conviction rates”.

In carrying out our mission, we will always be courteous to others and act in a professional and ethical manner.